My title

Elemental Awakening:

When we break down each word it starts to become a little clearer. Understanding the meaning behind the words and why we chose them.


(1): of, relating to, or being the basic or essential constituent of something


(3) of, relating to, or dealing with the rudiments of something : ELEMENTARY

(4) forming an integral part : INHERENT an elemental sense of rhythm

(B) of, relating to, or resembling a great force of nature: ‘the rains come with elemental violence’


(1) to cease sleeping : to wake up

(2) to become aroused or active again

(3) to become conscious or aware of something; awoke to the possibilities

Life is a Learning Journey

What exactly is the Elemental Awakening? Its more of an idea than a thing. Its something simple yet powerful. Its about cultivating awareness in all that is, starting with the most basic things. Building a strong foundation. Trusting your intuition. Remembering who you really are. Its been what many of us have realized on our individual journeys so we created an outlet to share.

The Elemental Awaking is an idea, a platform, a resource and something that is evolving every day. Browse through the site and you will find blogs, videos, movies, podcasts and eventually courses, events and experiences that all revolve around authentic self expression and the sharing of ideas in order to assist whoever it is that finds their way here.

Enjoy the ride we call life, dive headfirst into the darkness without fear and remember to cherish the infinite love and joy all of life has to offer.

Our Intention

Our Intention is to create content, for you, to assist and be of service in your personal Journey. Our intention is to do so authentically, with love and compassion, and to do our part to make the world a better place. Our intention is to continue our own learning journey and share the process, so it may be of use in someone else’s life path. Our intention is to connect online and off to unite mankind as humanity continues to evolve.

Latest Podcast Episode

When you have your first “Awakening Experience” in life you can never truly go back to sleep.

You can only further awaken.

If you follow that new curiosity, the doors of infinite possibility will begin to open.

The next step is up to you…