The Elemental Awakening Podcast & YouTube Channel

The show will consist of a free-flowing conversation anywhere from 30-60 minutes with minimal editing. We will talk about…. life. Guests will be people Gio finds interesting and/or inspiring and topics can range from anything from health, wealth, relationships, psychedelics, spirituality, learning, relationships and more!

The intention is to share information to help others make impactful changes in their lives and also for the host and guest to learn from and inspire each other. The guests will range in background, interest, career age…the more diverse the better to help get different perspectives on all the topics we cover.

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About the Host

Giovanni Bartolomeo is an entrepreneur and life adventurer who has a passion for creating deep connections with others and also creating environments for these types of connections to take place with others.

He travels the world speaking, facilitating workshops and retreats designed to unlock the innate human potential within us all. He does this using easy yet effective techniques including breath work, cold exposure, movement, fasting, mindset optimization tools, self-awareness, connection exercises and more!

He is an advocate for plant medicine and recently completed a documentary called Psyched Out that is viewable for free on the internet. After his life changed in 2012 with the help of plant medicine, he was inspired to create a film with the intention of spreading awareness about the healing potential of plant medicine.

He’s an entrepreneur at heart and loves to create new Ideas and ways to help improve the planet for not only the people currently living on it but for those who we will leave it to one day! He shares his ideas and passions freely and has created and hosted multiple podcasts and is planning to Launch a 3 rd Called Elemental Awakening in 2019.

His most recent project was creating a Wellness and Float Center in Toronto called Elemental Wellness ( His proudest achievement to date is being a father to his two beautiful children.

He continues to explore his inner and outer worlds through learning, experience and adventure which he is inspired to bring back and share with others.

He hopes to learn and share with you on his newest show the Elemental Awakening.

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