Day 6 – The Deep Dive Breathwork Journey

Before Starting Please Read Safety Warnings HERE

In todays exercise we will be putting it all together. All of the smaller pieces we have been learning will be put together into a 30 minute or so experience. In this experience we will be using our breath create deep state change that can occur, physiological mentally and emotionally.

Things you may experience: feeling hot or cold, tingling sensations throughout the body and face, emotional release (crying, laughter, anger), you may see colours or dream like visions, the sound in the room can change these are all normal. The most intense (and scary for some people) thing that you may experience is tetany. Its where your hands lock up like a lobster or T-Rex, not to worry this is temporary and doesn’t pose any risks to your health, it may feel uncomfortable but it will return to normal. If for any reason things get too intense just low your breathing down and extend your exhales like in the Double X meditation.

Breathwork Journey Outline:

Shakedown 5 minutes

Extended 10-20-30 style breathing 20 minutes

Double X meditation with Guided Meditation 5 minutes

Take Some time to reflect. What came up? How do you feel now? Write down whatever you are feeling or thinking

Todays Outline:

1) Setting an intention

2) Gratitude

3) Daily Reflection / Journal

4) Double X Meditation / 10-20-30 Breath

5) Continue Daily check in (Set Alarm) / Breathe Nose Only All Day

6) Shakedown + Nosebreathing

 The Deep Dive Audio Track

Recap Day 6:

Reflection and Mindset

Journal or Reflect on 1 or 2 things you are grateful for and try to feel a feeling of gratitude in your body.

Set an intention for this course, what you want to get out of it. Set an intention for your day today

Activity / Exercises

Do full Deep Dive Breathwork Experience


Follow up with your friend and record in your Journal or your phone how you feel and what came up for you in this experience. If you need additional support please join our Facebook Group at the link below.

Can you do us a little favor?

At the end of each day if you could take 5 minutes to fill out a quick survey it will help us tremendously to improve the 7 day experience.


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